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Already the intentions and energies of 2011 are in flux.  I don’t know how others are experiencing the energetics of life, what might you be observing in your body, daily circumstances, or how things appear in your view of the world.  From mine things are downright SHIFTY!!

I’m observing in myself lots of shifting in old patterns, new work being birthed, and a greater capacity to embrace all this energy.  Sounds pretty darn good.  But in my observations of what others around me are doing I see and feel chaos.  I’m also aware that even more than before time is speeding up.  Just when I think I have a day or even just an afternoon of downtime, it suddenly gets filled and is over with.

I must say that this week has been a particular challenge.  I’ve put in a call to my astrologer friend to ask about the astro patterns — what with full moon in Leo and other machinations, something must be going on.  In the meantime, this Taurus girl wants to keep her feet on the ground.

I’m having tremendous shifts in scheduling, a scattering of my focus, and so many projects happening at once.  I found that I could hardly keep up with myself, but actually have been able to keep up with it all.  Then it occurred to me all of a sudden the other day…

We are moving into the truth of being multi-dimensional beings.  We are being led to operate on a more multi-dimensional way than we ever have.  So we have to know that we have energetic, emotional, and physical experiences  going on all the time.  At this moment in our history we are coming into conscious awareness of this multi-dimensional level of being.  Jeez, no wonder we get in a dither!!

I’m observing that all of the shifting I am in the midst of is pretty good stuff.  I’m observing the shifting in the world, but from one view, much of it isn’t looking so good.  But fortunately I am aware that I don’t get to see all the angles.  There’s a higher power that has the broader perspective.  It’s just my job to look for the positive.

When I say that I’m observing the world around me as being nuts, I do so with a chuckle and good humor.  I’m seeing people in upheaval, chaos, a state of suspension and limbo.  This can be observed across the globe and it’s fascinating, if not a little frustrating to work with.

With all the shifting going on in the Middle East, and upheavals in local and national groups/organizations, it feels like many people are in the midst of their own shifting, but so not recognizing how this is a bigger shift.  We are all in THE SHIFT.

I’m becoming conscious of needing to recognize how my shifting might impact others.  As a Taurus girl, I like to be grounded and organized, then life happens and plans are blown up.  So I need to consciously shift myself, my energy, and my experience, all while my little ego is squawking like an annoyed bird.  It’s okay, I just switch gears, work on another task and observe my energy.  Recognizing that we are in this Shift is one step, but recognition of our own individual shift within the larger context is just as important.  How does your shift impact others?  How will you embrace this multi-dimensional way of being?

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Rain GardenHere in Vermont and much of New England it’s wet, wet, wet.  We’re doing a bit of grumbling about that.  Our usual sunny, hot and humid days have eluded us this year and according to the National Weather Service, our prospects are not optimistic.


When I began my In the Garden with Mother Earth workshops three years ago, the weather was great for each event.  I and my workshop participants were truly blessed.  But last summer….  not so much.  July was a complete wash out, much like this year is looking.


So this year as I planned the events I decided that rain or shine, we would proceed.  After all, the Earth is still growing and thriving out there.  This may put some people off who assume we’ll be strolling through a misty, rainy garden, peering at plants and hugging the trees.


As I’ve walked around my condo development’s gardens, which are lovingly tended by a retired teacher, I notice that things are growing.  The flowers are thriving, and even the veggies seem to be having their time.


Our local CSA, the Burlington Intervale Community Farm is producing luscious greens, herbs, veggies and flowers.  I’m feeling quite blessed by the Farm’s abundance that I get to share with my friends.  So things are really happening outside.


Okay, so we have the choice to mope around and complain about the weather.  We can let it get us down and keep us inside being couch potatoes, which I admit to doing a bit of.  Or we can, as the old song goes, tiptoe through the tulips and between the raindrops to see what’s going on in nature.


Believe me, I’m not such a nature-girl that I’m ready to run around in the pouring rain, nor do I want to be out when it’s thundering and lightning.  I don’t believe in courting danger.  Us Taurians like our comforts.  But I have enjoyed a walk in the gentle rain shower.  Recently I went out for a walk with my dog when it was simultaneously sprinkling and sunshiny all through our time outside.  I was sure that it would eventually do one or the other, but the weather is a fickle being.


The birds are singing and carrying on outside.  The flowers are lush and happy, the trees seem to be holding their own with the wet, and everything is making its way through the advent of so much rain.  Nature deals with those events, without the luxury of complaining.  The trees don’t squawk at Mother Earth about the lack of sunshine.  The flowers don’t shake their fists at the skies in frustration.  It’s just us human beings that go on, as if we have the right to expect our Earth to behave the way we want her to.  Never mind that our current weather patterns might just be our own doing in the climate changes we are perpetrating upon the being that is our own Mother Earth.


So when we can’t go to the beach because of the stormy weather, let’s take notice that all the other beings upon the planet are dealing with it.  The non-human beings just simply cope, adjust and deal.  We could take note of that for ourselves.  For myself, I will carry on, go out when I can and meditate on those areas of the world that are too dry.  Perhaps if we could meditate on sharing some of the excess water here with those who need it elsewhere, it would take our focus off the negative and help us be more mindful of the bigger, global picture.

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