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I’m taking advantage of the new year energy and setting my intentions for my 2011 experiences.  These new energies feel quite potent to me, and such a refreshing release from the energies of the past six months.

I’m fortunate to share connections with many intuitive friends and colleagues in my local area and all of us have felt a certain degree of stress, frustration or strain towards the last months of 2010.  The mercury retrograde cycles were intensely effecting communications, while the recent Venus-in-retrograde cycle of October-November, sent me into a pattern of withdrawal and reflection.  I and others also felt the very intense energies surrounding our recent elections, and the negativity generated from the campaigning leading up to the November elections.  Most of the time I felt physically tired, very protective of my own space and energy, and reserved in my abilities to connect and share myself in the larger world.  In a word, I felt constrained on many levels.

Things would have been much more difficult for me if I had not had like-minded (and dare I say, like-energied) friends to share with.  Most of all friends who were experiencing similar responses.  By knowing that I was not alone, I was able to surrender to the energy patterns, move inward to do the deeper work at hand, and just weather this storm.  By getting acknowledgement that I was not the only one experiencing the turbulent energy shifts, I was able to let go and surrender to the lessons these shifts had to offer me.

I’ve found surrender must occur before I can connect with any deeper insights or lessons.  If I’m experiencing stress or struggle of any kind, and I choose to keep trying to force my will, or my limited view of resolution, I only create my struggle within myself.  But the minute I literally choose to surrender to the universe, acknowledging that a higher power is wiser than I, I immediately feel relief.  And to my surprise, that’s when solutions, answers and insights appear.  I have experienced this over and over again.  And each time I think, “I can’t believe how I knew better than to participate in struggle again.”  But I obviously need those reminders.

We all have this experience and, I’m hoping that many of us begin to choose surrender within the struggles.  If you cannot find the answers or solutions you think you need, stop, take a breath and just make some kind of acknowledgement that there is a high source of wisdom and that you can tap into that.  Then truly let go and allow the connection between you and your Source to flow.

Messages and resolutions can often come from very unexpected places.  The universe has a sense of humor and so the way the solutions show up for us can be quite amusing.  Personally, I love it when some message or solution shows up for me with a little humor attached to it.

So I really recommend setting clear intentions for manifesting in 2011.  Take advantage of the new year energy, these few weeks of all planets going direct, and your own ability to co-create with the universe.  Take charge and dream.  Allow the old and out-moded energies to fall away and welcome in new energy.

Seeking support and sharing from friends who also participate in manifesting is really helpful. I do that all the time.  When I’m experiencing struggle, which I’ve developed an allergy to, I stop and surrender.  I’m intending to create new and better energies this year, with new and better stories and outcomes.  I hope that everyone will participate in their own conscious creation process and manifest the best for ourselves and our planet.

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