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Solstice Approaches

The Winter Solstice approaches, and with it the endings of another year. What a strange time-out-of-time this is. I find myself fighting off the commercial frenzies, in order to enjoy the endings. Many times endings imply a sense of loss or parting, but to me it can also be a sense of wrapping things up for the year. Many tasks accomplished, some projects are let go of, and some are just carried over into the next year.

It seems very appropriate to use this time of endings to count the blessings of this year. I was blessed to have a very wonderful journey to Arizona to reconnect with my sister Jan. Together we spent time in Sedona, Cottonwood, and Jerome. We had a great deal to catch up on with each other, and a wonderful healing connection was begun. We also got to experience a little of the sacred energies that dwell within Arizona’s landscape. We will surely continue with the journey of re-connecting and deepening our relationship.

I continue to pursue my work with spiritual counseling, teaching and healing. And what can I say about my artwork? Well, I began the year in a real crisis of faith with regard to this very important aspect of my life. I really was ready to give up art all together due to my own fears and ego blockages. Many other artists have cycled through this type of crisis and re-emergence, and I soon learned that I couldn’t give up on my artwork. Those artistic Muses simply wouldn’t hear of that.

One of this year’s highlights for me was my first opportunity to co-teach a class with my dear artist friend Melinda. Beginning in January of this year we had the privilege to teach a class on paper mache to some fabulous students with developmental disabilities. That was truly a delight for me and inspired me at a time when I was questioning my own relationship to art. Our students inspired both of us with their fanciful paper mache creatures. They diligently created for 9 weeks, with no conflicts or ego battles, just a steady connection to their creative source. Then we had the pleasure of presenting their creations to the public at our local library. Through this group of students and my friend, I found a way back to my connection to my own creativity.

I just had my 7th annual Holiday Open Studio and Boutique, which was a rousing success. I’m happy to say that I feel better than I ever have about my artwork and will continue to create and grow in this endeavor. Being connected with the creative process is my most tangible way of connecting with Spirit. So if I break the connection, or distance myself from it, nothing feels right. This is one of the many lessons learned during the year 2010.

When Solstice approaches, I begin to get reflective – it’s just an automatic happening. I think if we allow this, and not the commercial frenzy, we might find that this time of the year is meant for re-connection and reflection. So anything that has remained unfinished can be examined for merit. Exercising the practice of letting go of that which no longer serves a purpose can be done. And then just after Solstice, I begin to think about the year to come.

I abhor New Year’s Resolutions, but I know the power of manifesting. So during the last week of December, I often review my manifesting list from the previous year and begin writing my next year’s intentions. These get tweaked, rewritten and sometimes deleted over and over again throughout the year. The process isn’t unlike sculpting. I can work with a piece of clay over and over again, pushing, pulling, carving, building and cutting away as a piece emerges and it’s true shape becomes more and more defined. That is life; this is how we can consciously live by participating in the creation of our lives, our dreams and our goals. We can be both the artist and the artwork.

My prayer for the world this season is that we all might engage in our creation process, come into conscious alignment with our own Source of creativity, that we might lift this Earth into a brighter, more peaceful experience.

Bright Blessings to all.


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