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This is the story of an extraordinary little girl and an extraordinary healing session.  I have been a Reiki Master for two years, and I’ve had the honor of working with many plants, animals and humans of all ages.  My youngest client, a little girl named Ripley, was quite a gift to me and many others.


On a Friday afternoon I received a call from Ripley’s mom Dara.  She found me through my connection to the local Dowsers group and had been aware of me and my work for several months.  In fact she had wanted to come see me for some healing work for herself, but had not connected yet.  Dara went on to say “Now I really need your help.”


She told me that her two year old daughter was in the hospital with second degree burns.  Being an active two year old and having both parents working at home facilitated a mishap with hot tea and an ambulance ride to the hospital.  Dara reported that little Ripley had been in ICU for a time and was now on the children’s ward, but having a very difficult time with the injuries, and treatments as well.  I immediately sensed that not only was little Ripley suffering, but her parents were dealing with their own pain.  So we made arrangements for me to come give Reiki to Ripley and see if I could help balance some of that energy.  The following morning Dara came to pick me up, and with my trusty sidekick (aka guide dog) Parker, we headed for the hospital. 


When I arrived at Ripley’s room, her dad John was there and little Ripley was asleep.  So we talked quietly for a while as I read the energy of the room, the parents and Ripley herself.  They explained to me that bandage changes and oral medications were almost as traumatic for Ripley as the burns had been.


We talked about energy work and what I was going to do.  In addition to using my intuitive abilities, I began some time ago to use dowsing to measure energy fields before beginning a Reiki session.  It isn’t necessary but this often confirms for me what I’m feeling and also gives my clients visible measurement.  Both parents were somewhat familiar with dowsing and welcomed it.


As I suspected, it was determined that before I could work on Ripley, I needed to work on the parents.  So I dowsed each of their auric fields and gave each parent a mini hands-on reiki treatment.  After each treatment, I re-dowsed their energy fields and determined that the leading edge of their auras had expanded by double its size.  That significantly lightened their mood and the energy of the room itself.  We also did some clearing of the energy within the room itself.


Meanwhile little Ripley continued to sleep through all of this.  I noticed that her breathing sounded labored and I could feel without reaching my hands out to her, that she was holding a lot of tension and stress in her energy field.  When I stepped to her bedside, I immediately began to feel the Reiki energy being drawn through me.


I asked Dara if I could just lightly touch Ripley just to orient myself to the top of her head, so I could work just above her body.  So Dara placed my hand on top of the sleeping Ripley who still did not wake.  Ripley was lying on her back but still she slept and we did not want to wake her.  I began the Reiki process, although Ripley was drawing energy before I began.  As I felt the flow increase and I moved my hands just above her head, and then worked my way slowly down to her heart center.   Ripley’s breathing immediately shifted, quieted and became deeper.  I continued to let the Reiki process work, moving down her front body, feeling the continuous flow of healing energy.  When I got down to the feet, I was able to touch her little feet, without waking her.  So I sat on the bed holding her feet, letting reiki flow and helping ground her energy.  Eventually I felt just a little twitch in Ripley’s little foot, and then I huge shift in her energy.  I could feel that she had released in some way, and was now deeply relaxed  in her sleep.  I knew the Reiki session was complete for that time.


Her parents witnessed all of this, and are also quite tuned-in people.  They immediately noticed the change in Ripley’s breathing and her body just seemed more relaxed.  So we talked a little more and mutually decided that I would come back the next morning.


When Dara  picked me up the next day, she leaped from her car and said “I can’t wait to tell you everything!”  As she drove me she reported that not only had Ripley slept extremely well, but she was also a bit calmer with the bandage changes and meds.  When Dara woke up next to Ripley that morning, Ripley was standing up in her crib and looked over and said “Hi Mom!”  Dara was quite thrilled and relieved to have her little girl be more like herself.  But that was not all… 


When the bandages had been changed and the burns examined , it was discovered that not only was the healing process accelerating, but that the burns were healing over to the point of being more itchy and much less painful.  Both parents and professionals were surprised by that.


When I arrived, in spite of having been dosed with Tylenol and codeine, Ripley was wide awake.  The Easter Bunny had delivered a basket of goodies but then Ripley saw my guide dog Parker, and suddenly everything was all about him.  I’m used to that.


So I talked with both parents and dowsed their auras which were much, much better.  It took some doing and talking to get Ripley to be open to having a little Reiki.  She clearly was not trusting any strange adults coming at her with hands or tools, however she was fascinated with Parker and with my dowsing rods.


So okay, I completely broke the rules about not having anyone interact with a guide dog when he’s working.  So Mr. Parker engaged in interacting with Ripley with lots of kisses and nudges.  This time John was holding Ripley while she tolerated my hands just above her body.  At one point Parker put his head on John’s knee, and Ripley had her head on top of Parker’s, while I did Reiki on her head.  That’s what I would call a three-for, because of course all of them were getting the triple benefits.  But that scene was so adorable, even if major guide dog etiquette was being compromised.


Ripley tolerated Reiki in spite of her squirming, until I got to her feet.  After several attempts to work on her little feet, it was clear Ripley did not want me to touch her feet.  I began to sense that she didn’t want to be grounded, and then Ripley began to be a little agitated.  But both John and Dara assured me that Ripley was being more like her normal self.  After sitting with her a little while and having her parents touching her feet I was able to give a little Reiki by putting my hands over their hands.


It seemed appropriate to switch the session from hands-on Reiki to something else so that she could feel a little more comfortable.  So then I used a little of my Rose Quartz Gem Essence.  I began by spritzing myself with the Essence to show her, then we spritzed her parents and then Parker nudged his head in for a spritz too.  So that caught Ripley’s attention and she wanted a spritz  So she got that.  Then she offered me her feet for a little spritz which seemed to be very calming for her.


Ripley is quite a little spirit, very tuned in, but frustrated at not being able to communicate yet.  I sensed such frustration at not being able to make the “adults” understand her.  I left my bottle of Rose Quartz Gem Essence with John and Dara to help sooth Ripley.  She began to dig at her bandages so we decided to get some help with that.  The nurse let us know that she had not actually re-wounded herself, it was just that the wounds were healing fast and now were very itchy.


The following day I left a message on Dara’s cell phone to check in.  About an hour and a half later my phone rang.  When I answered I heard this little child’s voice say, “hi Gwen, hi!”  I recognized Ripley and said, “Hi Ripley, how are you?”  She nattered on in her 2 year-old language but kept saying hi.  Then the phone went dead and I thought oh well, Dara will probably call me right back.


I waited for about twenty-five minutes but got no call back.  So I thought well, I’ll just check the number to make sure it was from them.  Sure enough, I dialed to get the last number that called and it was Dara’s cell.  So I called back. 


Dara said, “Oh Gwen, I was going to call you.”

I said, “Well, you did, but I  guess the phone went dead on Ripley.” 

Dara said. “What are you talking about?  But by the way, we were able to take Ripley home today.” 

“Wow!” I said, “But you just called me and had Ripley on the phone.”

“No I didn’t.” 

“Wait, are you telling me that your little two year old Ripley called me on your cell phone by herself?”


That was exactly what happened.  That shocked both of us, but I knew the call came from Dara’s cell and that the child’s voice came from that number.  Miss Ripley wanted to let me know that she was home with her family again.


Dara reported that when the med staff changed the bandages that morning, they discovered that the burns now looked like a bad sunburn instead of the severe second degree burns that she had come in with.  Dara said that the med staff was pretty surprised and perplexed, and the nurses wanted to know all about this Reiki stuff.


We knew that something had really shifted for Miss Ripley.  I felt very humbled and honored to be a facilitator for her healing process.  I am aware that I’m only a channel for Reiki energy. It is not only a privilege to give Reiki, but a privilege to witness the power of energy healing.  I felt very strongly when I was working on Ripley while she slept, that I was also connecting with her own source energy.  The Reiki helped align this source energy so that she could take over her own healing.  The power of working with Reiki life force energy facilitates more than just healing for the body.  I think that Ripley and I were unconsciously working together in service to open some minds to the power of Reiki healing.  I have the suspicion that I will hear from Ripley again, but she won’t need to use the phone next time.


My thanks to John and Dara for giving permission and encouragement for me to share this story.  For more information about my Gemstone Essences visit my website.  For information on Dowsing visit www.dowsers.org.

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