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Three years ago I was given a message to begin developing In the Garden with Mother Earth workshops.  The purpose of these workshops was to give people a different experience of their backyard spaces.  Instead of looking at the backyard space as a lot of dirt, weeds and another things to clean up and mow, I try to show people that their spaces are filled with living beings — nature spirits — and are places to connect with the Earth in a spiritual way.  Flowers are not just pretty inanimate things.  They are actually alive and have spirits that want to communicate with us.  This knowledge helps change our perceptions of life and the world around us.  Our land has a lot to say to us and often my clients and I find some very important and helpful messages come forth.

That first season I presented many workshops in which I gave information on how to connect with the spirits of the place, what each space was trying to say and how to better support all of the beings who reside there.  In addition I spent time channeling Mother Earth for the benefit of each group.  Many people attended these events and it helped that we had great weather that year.  The next year I taught more workshops, but we had a rather wet summer that tended to keep people indoors.  But that didn’t keep the gardens from talking to us.  Last year a new level of this work emerged as a direct result of my travels to Cornwall, England.

In Cornwall I learned how to tune into Earth energy in a deeper way.  Thanks to Hamish Miller‘s work with our tour group, I was able to deepen my intuitive relationship with the Earth.  I began to use my dowsing to tune in to the land and detect energy currents and vortices.  I began with my own space at home and learned to “listen” to the Earth in a different way.

When I returned to Vermont, I combined what I had learned in Cornwall with what I had been teaching in my private workshops.  That year I began doing private garden consultations in which I took the residents into their space and used my intuitive and dowsing skills to read and communicate with the land in a deeper way.  I soon found that there were many, many plant and spirit beings that want to connect, to be acknowledged and who had things to say to the residents.  It was a wonderful way to show people how the energy of their land was working, and share information with them to help them be more tuned in to their backyard.

I’m getting ready and I’m excited to get out into people’s backyards and gardens this summer. This year I’m combining all of these tools to offer a flexible format.  I’m able to offer any combination of workshop, channeling session or private consultation.  The workshops are a fun way to enjoy the gardens and learn with friends.  I offer these through people who volunteer to host an event and help bring people to the workshop for a very reasonable fee.  These events are great fun and hosts get to attend for free.  So everyone gets to learn about the energy of the garden, how to connect with the nature spirits, and the group also has an opportunity to have a channeling session with Mother Earth.  The flexibility in my format will also allow for challenges with the weather.  If we can’t go outdoors, we can do some energy work indoors and expand the channeling portion of the event.

Sometimes it’s not possible to hold an event in one’s space and so the option of a private consultation in your garden might be more appropriate.  This allows me more of an opportunity to tune in very specifically to you and your nature space and help you understand what is happening in your relationship with the land.  This isn’t about visiting picture perfect places.  It’s all about seeing beyond the pretty flowers.  I love communicating with the Earth and doing this work.  I love visiting with people in their homes and gardens.  This is about understanding the Earth from the point of view of the beings who live in the yard.

“Gwendolyn was able to assess the energy balances and imbalances of several areas of our outdoor space including flower beds, vegetable garden, discovery garden, pond, and so on.  Her ability to tune in to the energies and provide subsequent advice on how to better balance yin-yang energies was extremely helpful.  We gained valuable insights and set to work immediately to remedy areas in high need.  We found amazing energy vortex areas and also were reminded to keep in mind what was reasonable for us to take on as far as maintenance and work load are concerned.  We look forward to having Gwendolyn return to re-assess how things are going now that several action plans have been initiated.” — K. Hanson

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From time to time I’ll be writing about my “In the Garden with Mother Earth” workshops because lots of insight and inspiration gets generated from these wonderful events.  And these workshops are really fun.  Let me first describe what these are and how it all began.


Two years ago in early spring (which is still winter in Vermont and not yet mud season) I was inspired, led or directed to develop and facilitate these workshops.  At the time I got this fascinating message, I was sitting in a sound healing workshop, working within a deep meditative process.


Now, I had been channeling and working with Mother earth for seven years prior to this.  So I’m used to getting inspiration from Her, but this was a surprise.  It was a surprise both because of where and when it came through to me, and because it was so clear and specific.  What else could I do but try to discretely pull out the laptop and take notes?  As the workshop took place over a two day period, I had to wait to tackle the tasks of hashing out details.  However, once I sat down to do the planning, it simply flowed and I connected with my first host that same morning.


The purpose of these events is to help people become connected to their backyard spaces on a spiritual and energetic level.  I developed a list of tools and exercises that I would demonstrate and it was clear that offering to do channeling with each group would be a big part of these events.  It seemed that I needed to find gardeners who wanted to share their garden spaces with others, while exploring the spirit and energy of their space.  I put out the call to people and by the end of that week I had booked eleven workshops for the summer. 


Vermont has a shorter growing season, although I’m sorry to say that it’s seeming a little longer now due to climate changes and global warming.  But in any case winter happens.  So we have a short season here and we are usually very enthusiastic about getting outside to enjoy it, because we know what is coming.


Over the last two summers I’ve had the privilege of traveling from one end of Vermont to another to wander lovely garden spaces.  We have meandered through plots and beds, indulging the senses by smelling, touching, admiring and sometimes tasting the plants and flowers.  We’ve worked with the energy of each place, blessing and giving thanks to the land, and where appropriate, lending some healing to the spirits that dwell there.


I have to say that this is some of my most favorite work, and I love all of my work.  It’s great fun to teach people that their gardens contain actual live beings, plant and tree divas, gnomes and fairies.  In turn we have been blessed by the tree divas and nature spirits in each place I’ve visited.  I’ve also discovered that each garden space reflects very accurately the lives of the human beings who dwell upon that space.  A great lesson to pay attention to what your garden is trying to tell you.


I find people who garden to be  joyous in their pursuit of color, texture, and artful arrangement of plants.  Folks seem to immerse themselves enthusiastically in the preparation and planting, diligently dealing with pests and weeds, nourishing these gardens like their own children.  But sometimes we can be myopic  when it comes to listening to the actual spirits of the land.


The following is one of the first stories from one of the first workshops I led 2 years ago.  Throughout the summer I’ll add various tidbits from “In The Garden.”  For now, here is a story from a lovely tree friend.


The Blessing of the Willow Tree

June 2, 2007, Ferrisburg, VT

As I reached for the Willow tree to ask its permission to connect with it, I felt a definite solid masculine presence.  He welcomed me and shared with us that it was good for humans to have roots in the Earth.  I stood with my back lined up against his massive trunk, instructing the participants on how to connect with the tree spirits. 


Willow was a strong grounded energy for aligning us to the Earth and was welcoming in our quest to connect with him.  He indicated that as Willow, he is one with all of the Willow tree beings and all trees.  In the plant, tree, stone, and animal kingdoms they have no separate names, because these beings recognize their connection with everything around them. 


All of the participants took a turn lining their backs to the Willow and with closed eyes they each opened to his energy.  All of them found it a grounding and relaxing experience.  Willow interacted willingly with all of us.  Then we stood in a semi-circle around this magical tree and extended our right hands to touch its trunk.  Calling upon our connection with the White Light Source, I directed us to send White Light through our heart chakra and down the right arm through the hand to the tree.  We focused on the intention of sending love, gratitude and appreciation to this Willow being.


After several long minutes, I withdrew my hand and felt the Willow send a message of peace to us all.  This was a warm, sunny day with no breezes whatsoever.  We all turned and began walking away, only to feel a cooling breeze come up and a showering of Willow leaves and tiny raindrops follow us in the hot afternoon sunlight.  The blessing we sent was being returned to us three fold.


A note from Celtic Tree lore: Willow is a tree of emotion, love, intuition, and poetic inspiration.

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