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A couple of weeks ago I returned home from my journey to Arizona.  It’s taken me some time to adjust to the extreme change in climate, coming from that hot, arid and higher elevation, back to Vermont’s much moister climate and lower elevation.  There were so many layers to this journey that I’m still  exploring and processing.  This journey was one of the most healing experiences I’ve ever had, and went way beyond my wildest imaginings.

I am still in awe over this amazing reconnection between my sister Jan and me.   I absolutely knew that Jan and I were going to have a wonderful time together.  But I also had some trepidations – after all, we have not slept in the same room in 40 years.  I’m happy to report that we enjoyed each other and slept pretty good.

We deliberately planned to explore some areas of Arizona that were new to both of us, while having time to reconnect with each other.  Jan and I were very intentional about this trip, both for our individual selves and for our relationship.  I had prayed and meditated about our coming together being positive, and even asked our Mom and Grandma to help guide us back together.  Jan  kept saying she really was wanting to learn something new.  Prayers are often answered, in ways that we least expect, and in our case very delightful ways.

Please enjoy some of the photos Jan took of our adventures.

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Cathedral Rock in SedonaI’m headed off to Sedona this week.  Full of curiosity about this place.  I’ve heard so much about the powerful energy and metaphysical aspects of this place.  I’m very much looking forward to the explorations.

I’m also curious about the journey of reconnection.  I’m traveling to Arizona primarily to visit my sister.  This trip to Sedona was her idea and a delightful surprise.  My curiosity about this event centers around how our relationship will shift as a result of journeying together.

I’ve learned from past experiences that there is a whole lot of difference between traveling and journeying.  Traveling is about the physical experience of visiting places,.  It seems to be a very mental exercise that can focus on relaxation of the mind, or stimulation of the mind by expanding knowledge.    Journeying is so much more about the non-physical experiences.  Shamans use the practice of journeying to shift awareness, promote healing and seek out the higher wisdom that comes through spirit.  This practice does not require you to move from place to place and is mostly a meditative exercise.  Shifting the awareness to being on a journey opens the heart and mind to the movement of spirit.  And you never know where that will lead you.  It seems to me that the best trips are the ones in which you are both traveling and journeying, thus being present and observing what is going on both externally and internally.

This time I get to share my journey with my sister and I’m trying to envision what this will be like.  I acknowledge the wisdom in not trying to figure out this, but I cannot help myself.

It’s been a number of years since I’ve seen my sister and we have never taken a trip together.  In fact, near as I can recall, we have not slept in the same room in 40 years.  Who’s going to snore the loudest?

We both seem to be experiencing a desire to not just reconnect, but to make a brand new connection with each other.

So I leave Vermont this week with a sense of excitement and curiosity.  I know that when we open to the deeper experience of journeying, magical and wonderful things can happen.

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