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Gwendolyn Evans, Healer, Artist & Muse

Gwendolyn Evans, Healer, Artist & Muse

Gwendolyn’s Events,

Classes & Art Shows

April/May 2014

Bee at Rest

Bee at Rest 2.5″ tall, polymer clay & “glitz”


Gwendolyn: Artist in Residence

Visit Gwendolyn from 1-5 p.m. on the following dates:  April 16, 18, and 19, May 16, 19 & 20

Gwendolyn will be at Artists’ Mediums, 300 Cornerstone Drive in Williston Vt.

As an artist in residence, Gwendolyn will be creating new work and conversing about her work with the public. She works with many themes, and in a wide variety of mediums. Her artwork is inspired by nature and spirit. Mixed media work in clay, paper, and acrylics featuring brilliant color and textures. Gwendolyn’s work is whimsical and impressionistic. She enjoys sharing her art, insights into the creative process and engaging in conversation about how she creates art without having sight. Stop by for a visit, catch some inspiration, and allow the Muse of curiosity to guide you to us…

Tea Monster 3" polymer clay

Tea Monster 3″ polymer clay

Power Rising, mixed media 22"x32"

Power Rising, mixed media 22″x32″

April 17, 7 Pm Gwendolyn Evans presents

Channeling with Mother Earth

Join us at this open group channeling session, hosted by Chris Curtis at 152 Lyman Avenue in Burlington VT. Gwendolyn channels her spirit guide, Mother Earth and looks forward to bringing these words to both new and old faces. All are welcome. Bring your questions, open minds and friends. Donations requested instead of a set fee. For directions or more information, contact Gwendolyn (see bottom of post.)


A powerful grid of stones from Level 1 Class

A powerful grid of stones from Level 1 Class

Saturday, May 3, Moonlight Body Mind Spirit Expo

10 to 5 p.m. at the Hilton Hotel, 60 Battery Street in Burlington VT.

Gwendolyn will offer mini readings, her gemstone essences, and information about her work and classes.

May 24 & 25 Vermont Open Studio Weekend

Gwendolyn will be showcasing her work, along with other artists at Sweet Enemy Art 52 Maple Ridge Road, in Underhill VT. Whimsical sculptures, affordable small works and jewelry.  Join us from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. both days.  Light refreshments and lots of great art to see.  Bring your friends, this art tour is a great weekend activity!


The Energetics of Self Care

School of Earth Centered Healing Level 1,

April 23 from 6:30 to 9:30 PM, April 30 6:30 to 9:30 PM, May 4 from 1 to 5 PM, May 7 & 9 from 6:30 to 9:30 PM

Throughout our life journey we tend and care for our bodies, and strive for clarity and balance with our mind and emotions. So too do we need to become aware and take care of our personal energy. Our energy system is the purest essence of who we are, an energy that can be expanded beyond the physical body and is connected to and interactive with the energy bodies of all other beings. How do we navigate through the current extreme energetic fluctuations of our world? How can we become more tuned in and sensitive to our energy body, and learn to keep balance and health flowing on all levels of our lives?

This first level course will guide students in the process of cultivating conscious awareness of their own energy body and developing a practice of deep grounding with the Earth. Students will learn to expand their intuition and do hands on energy healing for self-care to attune and balance their personal energy field. Knowing your own energy body, as you know your physical body is increasingly important as more and more people become impacted by changes on the planet. Cultivating deep awareness of the energy systems, practicing deep grounding into the Earth’s nourishing energy, learning your own energetic patterns of strengths and weaknesses, and developing the use of tools and techniques to strengthen your own energy system is critical for healers, sensitivities, and everyone on this planet. This first level class is the foundational support for furthering any healing path.

Contact Gwendolyn for more information and to register.

(802) 879-2706



Gwendolyn is a spiritual teacher, healer, and artist, and is available for private appointments and for phone sessions, group channeling sessions, workshops an classes. Energy & gemstone healing, readings & channeling. Contact Gwendolyn for more information. 802-879-2706 or gwendolyn@lovingself.net.








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I continue to teach my Level 1 class from the School of Earth Centered Healing.  It’s been a nice steady pace of students participating in the Energetics of Self Care.  In this class I enjoy teaching people how to play with stones and rocks, in order to find a deeper healing connection.

It always amazes me at how often people will tell me that they have no experience in working with the energy of rocks or crystals, but later on in conversation they mention they have rocks all over their house.  And so it begins… the opening of a doorway to working with and communicating with crystal energy.

It’s all quite playful, as healing doesn’t need to be so serious that it blocks our ability to lighten up.  As we form relationships in unique ways to the stone kingdom, we find that working with energy beings is really easier than we thought.  I’m always learning something new from them.

I find that it has been helpful to have a guide to the energetic properties of stones, but these  are only guides and cannot articulate the complex characteristics incorporated into each stone.  I have kept a running list of the metaphysical properties of stones, and add on to this list as I find a new stone or a new aspect of its energy to add in.  I can’t possibly remember all this information, so having a list with my own notes and experiences helps my healing work.

I also use dowsing to help me determine what stones I will use for a particular issue.  At times, stones do speak to me, or I get clear messages from my guides to indicate which stones I should be working with.  Other times I grab the pendulum and start asking.  If it is a particular issue, I may look up that issue in my guide list, gather up the stones in my collection that fit that particular issue and begin dowsing to see which of my personal stones I should be working with.  A brilliant example of this just manifested itself and seemed like a good one to share.

So for various reasons, sleep has been an issue for me this past week.  I had been working with a student that day, and in the evening I found myself picking up the various stones we had played with. I was going to clear them all to make sure the energy of each was purified.  I had used a particular piece of calcite and just because I was drawn to it, I looked up its properties and found that it could aid in restful sleep.  So I decided to create a crystal healing pouch to aid me in having a deep restful and restorative sleep.  I looked up a few more stones, began clearing all the stones and then dowsed to see which stones would be most helpful in working with my intention.  Since I had a clear intent, I knew my dowsing would reveal which stones would carry the proper vibrations to aid in my rest.

I dowsed four stones to work with me – white calcite, honey calcite, blue lace agate and amethyst.  Each stone carries unique properties that  corresponded with issues I had been experiencing.  I made sure to program these stones with my intent, placed them in a pouch and slipped that under my pillow about a half hour before going to bed.  I then slept for a solid 8 hours, without interruption.  It had been at least a week since I had had such a lovely uninterrupted rest and I was grateful.

These particular stones may not work for someone else’s sleep issues.  There can be a variety of factors that may be impacting insomnia, and if I just researched my list for all the stones that  help with sleep issues, I might not have gotten the same results.  That’s where dowsing and paying attention to the intuitive knowing comes in.  Be as clear as possible with your healing intention and then ask for the appropriate healing stones to be revealed.

The stone/crystal kingdom want to connect and aid humans in our quest for higher consciousness.  One lesson they teach me, is that the activity of play is necessary in our development.

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Dear Friends,

This posting officially launches my School of Earth Centered Healing.  As so often happens when Spirit leads you along, I had no idea that this was coming forth this year.  In early February of this year, I found myself planning classes that, to my surprise, ended up in a new and more expansive format than I could have imagined.  This is truly a culmination of the work and classes I have taught in the past decade.  I am deeply grateful that once I began voicing this concept to friends, students began appearing.

I’ve spent the past decade (more…)

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