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My dowsing experiences are not limited to the outdoors, and I often find myself curious about my living space and other indoor spaces I visit.

After my trip to England last summer, I came home to practice the techniques that Hamish Miller had taught us.  I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet and work with him.  We will miss Hamish’s physical presence in our world, but I’m quite sure he is doing his work from the non-physical perspective now.

When I discovered that I could detect energy hotspots, currents of Earth energy and other energetic phenomena, I was pretty excited.  That quickly became part of my work with clients who hired me to do garden consultations and workshops.  So I have gone to various gardens and outdoor spaces to dowse and read the energy.  It’s pretty fascinating to me that there are “hotspots” here and there; some present with masculine or feminine energy; and some are connected to certain plants.  Trees seem to co-create energy spots with the Earth, while other spots are co-created by people who use their space with reverence for the land.

The same is true for indoor spaces as well.  I’ve dowsed about six very active and energetic spots in my house.  There’s a fairly large spot where my altar is and where I meditate every day.  There’s a spot right at the place where I set my massage table up to do healing work.  And one where my hibiscus shrub is growing.  All of these spots appear in places where positive things going on, healing, meditation, growing.  These energies attract or co-create these hotspots.

As fascinating as this all is, finding these spots leads to more questions about the meaning.  I do believe that this is our task to develop the skills to communicate with the Earth in her terms.  There’s a whole different level of communication that happens on the energetic and unseen level.  We are needing to learn to decode the Earth’s energetic language, but first we have to open to experiencing it.

During one of my metaphysical classes this winter, I decided to dowse the energy of the space we were using.  About half way through this thirteen-week class, I got the strong sense that I should dowse the space to see what might be happening. I dowsed, asking if there were any hotspots and patterns. Sure enough something presented itself.  I had a student dowse along with me and we kept finding a couple of hotspots and then a current that seemed to keep moving on us as we dowsed the room.  We both were perplexed by the movement as it really seemed to be playing with us.  So we mapped out the pattern with masking tape on the floor, and then sketched the pattern on paper.

I know for sure from previous experience and teaching that ceremony and rituals attract energy.  Having participated in ceremonies in many sacred places, I have felt that energy.  In my class we were doing ceremony nearly every week, and so it was not a surprise that we had some interesting energy presenting itself.  But we had not expected it to be so interactive.

We let this information and energy just be as we proceeded on with the classes, but I decided that we would re-dowse that energy on the last meeting.  So fast forward by about six or seven weeks to April 11th.  I was attending the Earth Spirit Conference once again.  Our closing speaker is one of my favorites, Jude Currivan.  Jude is an internationally known, author, healer and cosmologist and I’ve enjoyed her presentations at this conference several times.  My experience is that she weaves together all of the topics, threads and themes of the entire event,  and sows in her perspectives on what is going on energetically, astrologically and globally.  I always come away feeling very moved and inspired by her.

So this weekend was very inspiring and Jude once again wove a magical tapestry to help us bring these incredible concepts together.  I was particularly interested in what Jude had to say about the major ley lines of male and female energy and her work with them.  In her work she has identified a third major ley line that is just now revealing itself as the divine child.  I had actually heard this before, but for some reason, it pulled me in this time.

Then all of a sudden it hit me, right in the third eye, that this divine child energy was indeed what we were attracting into our classroom.  Again this made so much sense, as having worked with this group of wonderful women, I witnessed them connecting with and allowing their inner maiden selves to come out and play.  At times we were all giggly little pre-pubescent girls, allowing our silliness and joy to run amuck. No wonder divine child energy would be attracted to that.

Jude also mentioned that this energy line tended to roam around, sometimes wandering off, then coming back to the other two lines, in very playful and random ways. That just affirmed my recollection of this line moving in very playful ways as we dowsed it.

I admit that I was already convinced about this being exactly what we had going on in the classroom. So I went to class that next evening with my dowsing rods.  Once again I dowsed hotspots, and had a sense of the energy having expanded in some way.  The area where the current was entering the room had shifted and the whole patterns seemed bigger and more defined to me.  I asked one of my students to dowse with me, and she picked up very similar results.  This pattern had expanded and widened, and had become a more defined spiral within the room.  The place where it entered the room had shifted and become much wider.  The two hotspots were still in the same places but were now presenting with male and female energies, respectively.  Once again we mapped the pattern with masking tape and sketched out the pattern.  We all knew that energy was being raised in our ceremonies and meditations over the course of our thirteen weeks, but this was another level to add to our experience together.  It served as affirmation of being joined by that d,ivine presence we were calling upon during our ceremonies.

We are truly babes in the woods in terms of understanding what all of this means; the mystery of this energetic language is mind-blowing.  I’ve heard something similar from Hamish last summer, and he had been dowsing with these energies for years and still found many mysteries to them.  I do have a deep sense of this being part of our awakening to the Earth’s consciousness (as well as raising our own consciousness).  It’s so important to be in right relationship with the Earth now.  We are slowly waking to see the destruction we have caused upon the planet, but we haven’t quite gotten the concept that this planet is a living being.

We have been seeing some extreme examples of our planet’s powers of destruction.  The numerous recent earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, flooding, mining accidents, and even animal attacks are reminders that our Earth is really in control of things, and we are just guests, borrowing Her resources.  Being in right relationship with Her is not just about going green, or working to greatly reduce our carbon footprint, but also very much about acknowledging that we are not the only beings upon the planet, and that the Earth herself is a great living being.  She needs us, but we need Her more.

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Since this will be my first official blog entry ever, I’ll begin with something simple and timely.  My name is Gwendolyn, although many of my friends and loved ones have only known me as Gwen, until recently.  Here’s the story.


I was born as Gwen.  My father was from Wales and my mother was very much a New England Yankee.  As the story goes, my Dad had wanted to name me Gwendolyn, among several very Welsh names, but Mom was wanting something a bit more American.  So Gwen was a good compromise.  Even so it was a bit different and there was the inevitable teasing at school, but I grew to like my name.


Now all of a sudden in my mid 40’s here I am making a change.  I could simply say it’s part of my mid-life crisis, but that just wouldn’t do.  As a point of fact, I hate pasting my experiences into a box- any easy answer that applies to everyone.  Life just isn’t that black and white and I’m not a fan of applying labels or boxes to people’s individual experiences.  You can blame an emotional outburst on PMS, but there’s real and deep stuff behind it that deserves honor and examination.  It’s terribly invalidating and fails to honor this process we call life. 

This change for me comes in my mid-life stage and it may mark a very personal part of my story.  During the past two years, I’ve had the honor of going over to Britain to explore the spiritual connection I’ve always felt from this place.  I’ve also made dear friends with Glenn and Cameron Broughton, of Sacred Britain Tours.  My feelings for the British isles run deep, and I resonate with the ancient history of the sacred sites there.  Whether this name change is from the connection to the British Isles, or to a shifting in the stage of my life, I cannot explain what specifically inspired me to do so.  I’ve had a few friends call me Gwendolyn in passing from time to time but I never thought about it being mine.  All of a sudden something has connected me with the energy of this name.   


It came very clear to me while I attended the Earth Spirit Conference, and it was really not triggered by any one speaker, although There were many Brits speaking there.  I cannot articulate what spurred this on, other than to say it was such a deep heart-knowing that presented itself to me.  Perhaps it was a whisper from my inner source, that resonated in my being like the sound of thunder.


I considered ignoring this urge and going along just the way things had been, but I knew that wouldn’t work.  For anyone who has experienced spirit working in your life, you know that spirit works sometimes in strange and rather insistent ways.  And if a new path opens to you, spirit won’t let you alone until you get it.  Sometimes it’s a gentle nudge and sometimes, if you’re not listening, it’s a cosmic baseball bat upside the head.  I’ve had those, they hurt.  I’m trying to cultivate deep listening skills so as to avoid those baseball bats.


So I thought about it, this re-naming, and it just seemed to feel right.  I really like the name Gwendolyn and for whatever reason it feels like it fits me now.  So I sat down and wrote an email to all my friends.  Their responses were mostly supportive but I could feel a tiny little sense of “What do you mean, I have to remember to call you Gwendolyn now?”  So I endeavor to patiently remind them, and sometimes they remind me.


Okay, it’s a personal growth thing, it’s a spiritual thing and it’s a mid-life thing.  Labels really don’t convey the depth of meaning it has for me.  So often I feel like I need to express what I’m experiencing spiritually, but the process of expression in words is elusive.  It seems that spirit defies description, transcends the physical and cannot be housed in a box.  There is more to a name than just a label.

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