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Gwendolyn: Artist in Residence

May 16, 19 & 20, 2014 

1 to 5 PM

Gwendolyn will be at Artists’ Mediums, 300 Cornerstone Drive in Williston VT 05495.

As an artist in residence, Gwendolyn will be creating new work and conversing about her work with the public.  She works with many themes, and IN a WIDE variety of mediums.  Her artwork is inspired by nature and spirit.  Mixed media work in clay, PAPER, and acrylics featuring brilliant color and textures.  Gwendolyn’s work is whimsical and impressionistic.  She enjoys sharing her art, insights into the creative process and engaging in conversation about how she creates art without having sight.  Stop by for a visit, catch some inspiration, and allow the Muse of curiosity to guide you to us…

Channeling with Mother Earth

Thursday, May 15, 2014 at 7 PM

Our host Raphael Groten lives at 220 Collamer Circle, Shelburne.

Raphael will offer a sound meditation for the group before our conversations with Mother Earth.  His ability to hold and sound into a space and energy is a wonderful healing experience.

Vermont Open Studio Weekend

May 24 & 25, 2014   10 am – 5 pm both days

Gwendolyn will be showcasing her work, along with other artists at Sweet enemy Art 52 Maple Ridge Road, in Underhill VT 05489.  Whimsical sculptures, affordable small works and jewelry.

Gwendolyn is a spiritual teacher, healer, and artist, and is available for private appointments and for phone sessions, group channeling sessions, workshops an classes.  Energy & gemstone healing, readings & channeling.  Contact Gwendolyn for more information.  802-879-2706 or gwendolyn@lovingself.net.

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I’m so excited to be Artist in Residence at Artists’ Mediums. In a world that gets busier and busier, and yet more isolating for people, this opportunity feels like a great gift that can connect and refresh those of us who are nourished by art.

The Brothers Peacock.  One of these reminds me of George Clooney. Private collection.

The Brothers Peacock. One of these reminds me of George Clooney.
Private collection.

I value supporting our local community in whatever ways I can. As an artist I’m deeply appreciative of the support and feedback I get from other artists, arts admirers and from customers. I feel the same when I buy from a local artist, even if it’s just a small thing, a greeting card print of their work, or small painting that fits my budget but carries so much more value in its meaning and connections. I’ve been able to do that through connections with Artists’ Mediums, and receive incredible support, education, feedback and supplies from this great store.



Making time for creativity is therapy to me. If I can’t make time for it, I get a little depressed, a little anxious and sometimes cranky. Equally important to this process is my need to share my artwork. If I only sat in my house, working in my little studio corner and created, that experience would become very empty for me. This is intrinsically connected to my needs for beauty in the world and to share myself with others. I get to connect in a lovely way with this residency. I can’t imagine a better way to connect and a better crew of people to connect with.

I’ve been supporting Artists’ Mediums with my business for years. Theirs is one of the few retail places I feel totally comfortable in going to by myself, and be myself. I can go there without needing to find a sighted friend and find excellent customer service to help me navigate and help me find what I need in the store. I’ve found over the years and in various places that store personnel and customers sometimes can be put off when a blind person enters a store, because of fears about not knowing what to do, or what is expected. It’s a great thing to be able to connect with people and allow them to “see” me and share what I might be needing and offering. In my experience this can only happen in real relationship, over time and experience with real conversation.


That’s what I have at Artists’ Mediums. They are like that old TV show “Cheers” for me. “Sometimes you just got to go where everyone knows your name, and they’re always glad you came.” That’s what real community and relationship is.

Biter.  Sometimes you just have days like this.  Making art makes it better.  Private collection.

Biter. Sometimes you just have days like this. Making art makes it better. Private collection.

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