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Cathedral Rock in SedonaI’m headed off to Sedona this week.  Full of curiosity about this place.  I’ve heard so much about the powerful energy and metaphysical aspects of this place.  I’m very much looking forward to the explorations.

I’m also curious about the journey of reconnection.  I’m traveling to Arizona primarily to visit my sister.  This trip to Sedona was her idea and a delightful surprise.  My curiosity about this event centers around how our relationship will shift as a result of journeying together.

I’ve learned from past experiences that there is a whole lot of difference between traveling and journeying.  Traveling is about the physical experience of visiting places,.  It seems to be a very mental exercise that can focus on relaxation of the mind, or stimulation of the mind by expanding knowledge.    Journeying is so much more about the non-physical experiences.  Shamans use the practice of journeying to shift awareness, promote healing and seek out the higher wisdom that comes through spirit.  This practice does not require you to move from place to place and is mostly a meditative exercise.  Shifting the awareness to being on a journey opens the heart and mind to the movement of spirit.  And you never know where that will lead you.  It seems to me that the best trips are the ones in which you are both traveling and journeying, thus being present and observing what is going on both externally and internally.

This time I get to share my journey with my sister and I’m trying to envision what this will be like.  I acknowledge the wisdom in not trying to figure out this, but I cannot help myself.

It’s been a number of years since I’ve seen my sister and we have never taken a trip together.  In fact, near as I can recall, we have not slept in the same room in 40 years.  Who’s going to snore the loudest?

We both seem to be experiencing a desire to not just reconnect, but to make a brand new connection with each other.

So I leave Vermont this week with a sense of excitement and curiosity.  I know that when we open to the deeper experience of journeying, magical and wonderful things can happen.

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N. C. Wyeth, "Sword Excalibur Rises From the Lake"I’ve returned from what was a most magical trip to Cornwall England.  Ten days of magical connections, experiences and spiritual growth.  As I ease back into my mundane life in Vermont, friends, loved ones and curious acquaintances want to know what it was all about.  Oh how I resist the sharing!  A difficult thing to admit as the clarity of this journey is about returning to share some of what I gathered there.  But as I knew that metamorphosis would take place, I find that my new wings are tender and unsteady still.

As we drove away from Cornwall and toward London to travel back home, I found myself experiencing a deep sadness at leaving this magical place.  That was a surprise to me, as I observed this feeling, and I realized how deeply the people, experiences and landscape of the sacred sites had penetrated me.  It’s so hard to describe the depth and meaning of this journey and so I don’t want to even try.  All I have been able to do is give brief snapshots and descriptors of some of the places and experiences I had.  But I know that for those who want to know everything, I can only give them a surface experience.  However, this won’t stop me from writing about the journey.

One of the first and most touching experiences I had was our first stop in Cornwall at Dozmary Pool.  This site is a tiny body of water in the middle of farmland and is thought to be the place where Nineveh, the Lady of the Lake gave Excalibur to King Arthur.  Here we gathered as a group of thirteen travelers to connect with the Lady and ask for our own personal Excalibur on the journey.

It was a sacred time to meditate and connect with the Lady, who  was quite willing to communicate with me.  As I stood on the shore, I was told that this was a place of stillness and peace; that no one who was enraged, filled with hate or anger could come to the Lady; only those who sought the healing peace of stillness would be welcomed by her.  To all others she sleeps.  Once she is called upon, she bestows the gifts of healing and stillness.  She showed me several stones to take with me on my journey.  But when it came to asking for a gift from her, I simply had to surrender as I didn’t know what to ask, nor what my personal Excalibur would represent to me.  As often is the case, surrendering to the higher will serves in the highest way.  She told me that this was the beginning of an important journey and that I could connect with her in my meditation at any time.  The ceremony and meditation there was profound, but I wouldn’t recognize that until later in the journey.

In our ceremony, led by Glenn and Cameron Broughton, the story of Excalibur was briefly recaptured.  Glenn explained to us that Lady Nineveh had been one of the High Priestesses of Avalon, but had come to this area of Cornwall to retire into the landscape.  Arthur had pulled the sword from the stone, but that sword was not the Excalibur.  Instead the sword in the stone was a test of Arthur’s worthiness.  After Arthur took that sword Merlin brought him to Cornwall to the Lady of the Lake.

When she gave Arthur the sword she said that it was the most powerful sword in England and would cut through stone and iron, but she went on to tell Arthur that Excalibur’s real power lay in its scabbard.  For the scabbard would protect Arthur at all times.  It was only when the scabbard slipped from Arthur in his battle with Mordred, that Arthur was fatally wounded.  Thus wove the beginning threads of our quest for the Sacred feminine and Sacred Masculine within the landscape of Cornwall and within ourselves.

My most precious gift was the Excalibur of understanding and embracing the Sacred Masculine.  It has been a part of my deeply personal and spiritual journey to heal my understanding of the Sacred Masculine and bring it into alignment within myself.

As I walked, hiked, climbed and scrambled up and down the various places we visited, I learned deep lessons of surrender.  I was profoundly moved by my fellow travelers who volunteered with open hearts, hands and minds to assist me through some very challenging places.

I was also gifted with witnessing one of my travelers opening to his Sacred Feminine as we both walked, danced and dowsed our way through the Michael, Mary, Athena and Apollo ley lines that run through the land.  What a gift to see this unfolding in someone you admire and respect while simultaneously experiencing the opening within yourself.  So my heart is filled with gratitude for that witnessing and for the experience within myself.

Many blessings to all of my fellow travelers as we ease our way back into our lives, knowing that we have been profoundly changed and have work to do to share the seeds we have been gifted with.

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